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What it’s all about

Dubai is a fun and high paced place to visit. There is always something to do, being a BIG and built up city that caters to many. From shopping in Dubai Mall to visiting landmarks, theme parks, man made beaches (La Mer beach) and Mosques, Dubai has so much to offer.

Dubai is a business hub meaning it brings many cultures together for work prospects so is a very multi-cultural city. With a more westernized feel overall, Dubai also has its history and older towns next to the beautiful Dubai Creek which holds the older spice, gold and textile souks, which are a must see.

Even though it is hot and based in a desert, there are many cool places to escape and relax and Dubai is extremely safe any time of the day or night. If you want to be wowed by incredible architecture and buildings, along with the best shopping and shopping malls, Dubai is a place to add to your list.

Unforgettable highlights

Doing a Desert Safari and Camel ride. It was incredible to see the desert and native animals it is home to. With Arabian Adventures, we were able to also embark on a 45-minute camel ride which then ended with a buffet breakfast by an oasis!

Venturing out to Abu Dhabi (1.5 hours’ drive out), is definitely something I highly recommend, as it is the home to the new Louvre Art Gallery, the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and of course Ferrari World with the world’s fastest roller coaster!

Make sure you check out the new and hip area of La Mer Beach, which is man-made, but hosts beautiful restaurants on the beach front along with the most awesome sunsets. The Dubai Mall is definitely something to see as it is HUGE and has its very own aquarium and waterfall within along with the famous fountain shows outside and views of the famous Burj Khalifa!

Insider tips

We would recommend doing the Hop on Hop off bus to get your head around the city and to get a taste for things you might want to do and try. It is also a great way of getting around and learning more about the city via the commentary.

Water from the tap is something to avoid as food poisoning is known to come from drinking it. It is also best to avoid salads as the vegetable are most likely washed in the same water. We recommend buying water/drink bottles along with a large 5 litre bottle (or two) to re-fill your bottles over the trip. Funnily enough, drinks are also dearer, sometimes even exceeding the cost of a meal (such as mock-tails, frappes and milkshakes), so be prepared for this.

Being a Muslim country, Alcohol is not easily found and is also very expensive!

Taxis are super cheap and easy, so getting around is a breeze. We mostly used Uber (app) which we found even cheaper and more convenient.

Suits a traveller who

ANYONE really. Especially those who loves city vibes, the sun and activities. Dubai is also extremely safe, so taking children is perfectly fine and they are sure to enjoy it!

Travel essentials

  • Take your own drink bottle.
  • Camera for sure.
  • Extra cash for tips.
  • Scarf for covering shoulders and head in the mosques.

Be aware

People can be a bit pushy at the markets while trying to sell you things so just make sure you are gentle but firm in your response.

Also, being a Muslim country, avoid travelling during the once a year Ramadan season (dates change every year), as fasting rules apply to all, meaning that food and beverages cannot be consumed in public between sunup and sundown, and in general the hustle and bustle that makes Dubai great otherwise is not there.

While tourism is important to Dubai and thus female tourists are generally accepted in their “western style” clothing please still be respectful and do not wear revealing clothing – general rule is – cover your knees and shoulders.