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September 15, 2017
Europe – WW1 & WW2 sights – client review
September 22, 2017

China – food, culture and history – client review

Last month we visited Beijing and Nanjing to attend the World Roller Games in Nanjing with the NZ Roller Hockey Team.

What it’s all about

China is all about friendly people, food, culture and history.  Everywhere you go there is evidence of their history and culture in the architecture even in the middle of a modern busy city.  I loved trying different food, which is always delicious and the people were so welcoming.

Unforgettable Highlights

Visiting Beijing was the highlight. Walking along the Great Wall, visiting Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City as well as taking part in a Tea Ceremony in the Bell Tower, all must see and do activities!

Insider Tips

Leave plenty of travel time between destinations; the traffic and the crowds can make it slow progress to get to where you are going, even if you can see it from where you are standing!  Watch out for scooters when crossing the roads and always carry toilet paper!

Make sure you take the time to interact with any locals who want to try out their English on you and have their photo taken with you, these conversations can make great memories.

Suits a traveller who

Likes a bit of everything – historical sites, modern cities, great food

Be aware

Of scooters when crossing the road – it is worth mentioning twice!

Nanjing didn’t seem to be a tourist destination, it is mostly about business and sports, so make sure you have plenty of cash or are able to access cash, as we found there were very few places in Nanjing that accepted credit cards, apart from the large hotels and international stores such as Starbucks.  There are some sights to see but you would probably be ready to move on after 2 or 3 days.