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September 22, 2017
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October 27, 2017

Easter Island – client review

What it’s all about

After attending a conference in Mendoza, Argentina, I chose to go to Rapanui/Easter Island.

Unforgettable highlights

Easter Island was the highlight for me.

It is a very different place to visit and learn what is known about the moai which I found very interesting. The mystery is how they moved them from the quarry where they were carved to their final site up to about 12 miles away.  Some weigh up to 70-80 tonnes.

In other ways it was not unlike Auckland and the Pacific Islands, being volcanic and populated by the Rapanui, who are Polynesians.

The other “highlight” was a bus trip over the Andes from Santiago to Mendoza.  Weather on Chilean side was not good, window misted up because of rain, but saw skiing, vineyards and the mountains which were more brown than green. Customs was an interesting and lengthy procedure but I had heard about this on Radio NZ and that was what prompted me to make that trip.  It took most of the day and flying back took about ¾ hour!!

Insider tips

It was very cold in Santiago and slightly less so in Mendoza.  Beware of spring weather in that part of the country, similar to our own.

Read about Easter Island before you go.

Suits a traveller who

Is interested in how other people live/lived.

Travel essentials

The usual – camera, comfortable foot wear, etc.

An open mind and a friendly demeanor

Be aware

Never had any fears while I was there and often walked around on my own.