Tropical North Queensland
August 9, 2017
Relaxing in Samoa
August 22, 2017

Port Douglas

A relaxed and chilled out vibe!

What it’s all About

Relaxing beach town holiday with lots to see and do. Also a really relaxed and chilled out vibe! Lots of really cool day trips and tours that you can do from Port Douglas. Nice cafes and eateries and cute boutique shops. The markets in the weekend are really worth a visit too!

Unforgettable Highlights

Going out to the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling amongst the beautiful reef and seeing all the wonderful assortment of colourful fish, takes you into another world! Make sure you book the Kuranda trip too – travelling above a rainforest in a gondola is an amazing breath-taking experience.

Insider tips

We booked a shuttle for the week – cost us $40.00. This was great as we made many trips in and out of Port Douglas township. It was a really fun way of chatting to locals and tourists alike too.

We found out that the Port Douglas Yacht Club do trips out for the day on Wednesdays. Apparently it’s free and the only condition is you dine at the Yacht Club after your day out. Port Douglas Yacht Club is a really lovely place to have a meal – so not a bad deal.

Suits a traveller who

Suits singles, couples, families and people who love seeing stunning scenery and who like a variety of trips to see and do and also have time to chillax!

Travel essentials

Summer clothes and jandals and swimsuit! If you’re prone to being bitten by mosquitos then probably get some mozzie spray – especially going to the rainforest areas. In stating this – my friend and I managed to not get bitten at all!

Be aware

Crocodiles – Yes, you will note signs warning you about crocodiles at most beaches in this part of Australia.